A crew of snappy pop songwriters... unconventional, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to arrangement... the irreverence of mid-00s indie rock (think They Might Be Giants) with an off-kilter psych rock layer that is just a lot of fun.
— WXPN The Key
Death by Broomstick approaches pop through a dark-warped humorous lens delivering delightfully disturbing songs that will creep into your head and anchor down.
— The Deli Philadelphia
“We think Philly’s eight-piece collective OhBree have the sound and live presence to take their act from the basement to the main stage… With strong harmonies and a big-band brass feel, these guys have a sound all their own.”
— NYC Turn Ons
The song writing on this album takes so many twists and turns between dark piano parts, to full on brass ensemble pieces, to it’s whimsical, over the top vocal work to it’s explosively fun sound, OhBree has created something truly special.
— Radio Static Philly
A must-have in a genre that often lacks creativity and novelty. There are a few soft moments, but most of the album is twitch-inducing: that’s your body telling your head that it wants to dance the fuck out of this song!
— Can This Even Be Called Music
When I had no preconceived notions of the band, and saw them in the intimate Fennario Coffee Shop, I had a blast listening to them party on stage.
— Rock On Philly
The band delivers hooks and pounding rhythms with a perfect mixture of joy and intensity that gets bodies moving and heads bobbing almost instantaneously.
— Temple News
OhBree, will swing and sway you into their avant-garde imagination with their dramatic instrumentation ie bright and sassy horns.
— Liquid Courage Media


2010: Six boys and a cat moved into a gross West Philly haunt and converted the first floor bedroom into a recording studio. Andrew Scott began saving up his belches and screams for use on their new microphones. He started teaching himself to play the piano with a technique that would keep any piano teacher awake with anxiety until the late hour of 9pm.

2011: After a year of writing and recording (with major production assistance from drummer/producer Adam Laub) Andrew pieced together a handful of songs under the name OhBree. The whole house picked up their respective instruments and learned how to play the tunes live. On Halloween OhBree played its first show in the basement of the old West Philly house venue, Sprinkle Kingdom. The talent and input of Andrew's housemates fleshed out the personality of OhBree and transitioned its genre from an industrial leaning rock to a dark, poppy, pit-orchestra-punk.

2012: The group finally entered the studio together to create their first album as a band, We Miss You Edward, Come Home. This album follows the stories of many different characters, most notably the valiant knight and tremendous lover, Edward, but also dying murderers and men's choir members who joke about hot drinks and divorce. The band's intention was to create a big band influenced punk sound with volatile leaps between extreme campiness and screaming bloody murder.

2014: OhBree released their second album, Death By Broomstick. This album is a darker look into the OhBree sound, gathering influence from bands like Man Man, books like A Clockwork Orange, and comedic troupes like Monty-Python.

2015: Since the release of Death By Broomstick, OhBree has been playing shows up and down the east coast. The band is currently back in the studio - honing down the dozens of demos they've built up in the past couple years. Stay tuned and STAY WEIRD!


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